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Dementia Care

Allow us to provide the right care for your senior loved ones with Dementia.

It’s not easy to take care of a patient with Dementia. There are things you need to adjust in order to maintain a gentle pace with them. When it comes to Dementia care, you can always trust us. We have highly trained professional caregivers who are experts in providing care services that would help achieve and accomplish their day-to-day activities.

General personal hygiene includes skin care, mouth care, hair care, and shaving. Keeping the skin clean and dry is extremely important, as most seniors are susceptible to bedsores and skin infections, especially those having physical limitations.

Our agency offers around-the-clock support with the following services:

  • Engaging activities for mental stimulation

  • Meals and medication reminders on a routine schedule

  • Compassionate support for their day-to-day activities

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